Q-Planet - A model for quality of trans-national student placements in enterprises
supported by the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission
Project number: 142308-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECUE
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The European Union and the project partners would like their projects to have an impact and to ensure that what they produce will be widely known and used. Primary means of making this happen are the twin activities of dissemination and exploitation, known together as valorisation. Their key objective is to maximise the impact of project results by optimising their value, strengthening their impact, tranferring them to different contexts, integrating them in a sustainable way and using them actively in systems and practices at local, regional, national and European levels.

The activities of dissemination and exploitation are closely related but distinct from one another:

  • Dissemination can be defined as “a planned process of providing information to key parties on the quality, relevance and effectiveness of the results of programmes and initiatives. It occurs as and when the results become available.”
  • Exploitation means “making use of and deriving benefit from”.In the context of project results it primarily involves the two processes of mainstreaming (transferring the results to decision-makers) and multiplication (convincing individual end-users).

The Q-PlaNet partners have made up their mind to disseminate all outputs from the project effectively. This will be done by the reporting results in co-operation with the EU, at events and conferences  all over Europe, in diverse publications and, last but not least, through the large scope of the partner’s networks.

For establishing a real standard in quality of practical placements all over Europe, two years are a rather short period. To increase the chance of success and long-term sustainability, the Q-PlaNet partners hope to receive another EU grant for a follow-up project.


25 November 2010
Conference on ERASMUS activities in Brussels with a presentation of the Q-PlaNet project.

27 October 2010
Conference of Placement Consortia within the ERASMUS Programme in Brussels

9-11 September 2010
EUE-Net conference and Q-PlaNet technical meeting in Istanbul

13-16 June 2010
Final project management meeting in Luxemburg

25-27 February 2010
EAIE Training session in Tallinn: Developing employability and work experience