Q-Planet - A model for quality of trans-national student placements in enterprises
supported by the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission
Project number: 142308-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECUE
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The idea is to implement regional quality reference centres which build a bridge between host enterprises and sending institutions to assess the placement’s quality. A European strategy will be elaborated including the development of a model for a European network of quality reference centres for placements, able to undertake the mediation and quality control of practical placements at local, regional and European level. Furthermore, a complete methodology on how to build reference centres at local, regional, or national level, ready to be integrated into the European system, will be developed.

The Q-PlaNet concept: checking locally

It is difficult to know and check placements in the host enterprise in all regions in the enlarged Europe. On the contrary, there is a permanent interaction between the companies and the actors at universities in the target region, like Technology Transfer Units, Career Services or directly with departments and lecturers. These contacts could form a regional network of universities and enterprises, where the partners involved are well known by each other and can be easily contacted. Consequently, all relevant requirements for international student exchanges could be easily checked locally. A regional quality Reference Centre for Practical Placements (QRC) for students could act as the body responsible for such quality checks, as well as for providing adequate information for recruiting a student from abroad, promoting the mobility of students in the industry and dissemination of results. A possible procedure is based on the principle that an enterprise signs up for taking part in the programme by accepting the requirements and standards set up for recruiting students from abroad. If the QRC approves the request, the company will obtain a status of an “Erasmus-Enterprise” which is eligible to offer Erasmus-Placements for Erasmus-Students.

3 Main objectives:


25 November 2010
Conference on ERASMUS activities in Brussels with a presentation of the Q-PlaNet project.

27 October 2010
Conference of Placement Consortia within the ERASMUS Programme in Brussels

9-11 September 2010
EUE-Net conference and Q-PlaNet technical meeting in Istanbul

13-16 June 2010
Final project management meeting in Luxemburg

25-27 February 2010
EAIE Training session in Tallinn: Developing employability and work experience