Q-Planet - A model for quality of trans-national student placements in enterprises
supported by the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission
Project number: 142308-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECUE
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The Q-PlaNet system created in the past two years offers a ready-to-use solution in the framework of Erasmus that is available for all interested bodies in Europe. After successful implementation, even an “export” of Q-PlaNet beyond Europe is thinkable. Q-PlaNet has contacted the LLP National Agencies, university partners, and governments in order to push the concept and to have it integrated into the next generation of the Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus after 2013.

In order to spread the Q-PlaNet spirit and to invite further partners to join, existing networks such as Leo-Net, EUE-Net will be used. It is one of the main task of Q-PlaNet is to carry out the official recognition procedure for new partners that wish to join the network. Special seminars on reference centres and realisation of quality checked placements could take place to assist other countries in adopting the system.

The Network of Networks: Quality Reference Centres,
each building a network with host organisations in their region.

Furthermore the network will undertake strong efforts to convince universities to integrate longer placements into curricula. The vision of today’s members of Q-PlaNet is that placements will be fully integrated in all Bachelor and Master curricula according to the Q-PlaNet Quality Standard; and that most students will have the opportunity to undertake integrated quality placements abroad.

However, it needs more time and work to connect partners and to reach an EU wide acceptance of the quality placements concept. To realise those ideas time and work beyond the actual project period is necessary. The project partners are committed to create the quality reference centres network within Europe, in order to cover most regions in all member states in the next 3 to 5 years.

If you have ideas or proposition for funding, synergy effects with other projects you know or any feedback, the Q-PlaNet team would be happy to receive your e-mail !


25 November 2010
Conference on ERASMUS activities in Brussels with a presentation of the Q-PlaNet project.

27 October 2010
Conference of Placement Consortia within the ERASMUS Programme in Brussels

9-11 September 2010
EUE-Net conference and Q-PlaNet technical meeting in Istanbul

13-16 June 2010
Final project management meeting in Luxemburg

25-27 February 2010
EAIE Training session in Tallinn: Developing employability and work experience