You are a body offering placements for students? You have difficulties to find appropriate students - national and international ones - for you vacant training positions?

Q-PlaNet tries to improve exactly this: the matching between students and placement offers, on a European scale, but without one-to-one-mediation. Via this central websites, it gives students, teachers, professors and the higher education sector the possibility to find quality checked placements in any region of Europe. The network tries to build up Quality Reference Centres (QRCs) in all regions of the EU, which are awarding the Q-PlaNet label to high quality host organisations. One host organisation is assigned exactly to one QRC. This QRC could contact the host organisation, or the other way round, in order to communicate, cooperate and check the Q-PlaNet quality criteria for the host organisation. If the label is awarded to your company you can publish the Q-PlaNet logo and your website and are listed as "quality host organisation" on the QRC's website. Your QRC gives you furthermore the pos-siblity to post your student job offers directly on its website. In this way it is visible not only to students of one university, but to all students in Europe searching for a placement in your region!

If you want to know more about the initiative, the Q-PlaNet label, and how to become "quality checked" you can contact your regional Quality Reference Centre. You can find it in the QRC section of this website; simply search for the one located geographically the closest to you. If you don’t find a suitable QRC, you can write to The quality standard and criteria for labelling are published in the Documents section of this website.